Guardians and Teachers

We know there’s a lot of pressure on young people when it comes to career choices and it’s vital for them to make the right decisions.

We’re the biggest banking group in the UK, and we offer a surprising range of routes into our business plus plenty of advice and tools for those who see their future somewhere else entirely.

So what are the options?


Although going to university is just one of many routes to a great future, a good degree can be enormously valuable. It gives access to our respected Graduate Programmes and opens up rewarding professional careers in everything from Relationship management to Operations, Digital Innovation to Risk, Finance and HR to Insurance. Apart from our graduates programmes, the UK offers really good programmes for university students. 


For families who are worried about the cost of university, Lloyds Scholars could be the perfect solution. It's aimed at households with an income of less than £25,000. Through partnerships with select UK universities, Lloyds Scholars offers a combination of financial support, paid internships, mentoring and volunteering opportunities.


What could be better than getting paid and getting a foot in the door? For students in their penultimate year at university, our 10-week internships are a great way to gain valuable experience, real responsibility and financial independence. If we’re impressed by what we see, it could lead to a place on one of our Graduate Programmes.


Joining a company straight from school isn’t a barrier to a promising career. Our Apprenticeship Programmes offer an excellent platform for future careers in everything from marketing to IT. As well as learning on-the-job and in class, apprenticeships offer a respected qualification and the chance to earn a living from day one.

Get in touch

Discover What Matters offers a rich online resource for young people who want to access personalised information and activities on the move. But we're also aware of the value of face-to-face contact and how young people can support each other through structured group activities and discussion.

Would your students benefit from a talk, event, discussion, game or other activity focused on the important life choices they need to make in education, training, careers and more?

Lloyds Banking Group already works closely with 100 schools and colleges across the UK to provide curriculum and careers support. Perhaps you'd like us to introduce your students to the Discover What Matters website and start them on the journey to making life-defining choices? Perhaps your students would benefit from a discussion on the advantages of different options such as university, apprenticeships and scholarships? Or perhaps you'd simply like a more focused overview of career options at Lloyds Banking Group.

We're here to help. Please contact us at to discuss your needs.