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Your future is not set in stone.  The road ahead is not a one-way street.

Explore your options and Discover What Matters.

The Youth Hub is powered by Lloyds Banking Group as part of our pledge to Help Britain Prosper. We're lending our support and expertise as an organisation that wants Britain – and young people especially – to do well.

As part of this pledge we've changed the way we engage with young people. Of course, we still want to recruit talented graduates and school and college leavers. The future of our business depends on it.

But we want to do – and be – more than that. Young people are wrestling with hundreds of important questions about what they want to do with their lives. We want to support them at this crucial stage: helping them as they discover what matters most, and assisting them with life-defining choices.

Each young person is on a personal journey, but they may not be sure of their destination. The Youth Hub encourages a process of self-discovery through active participation to help young people discover where their passions could take them in the future.

To help us tailor content that's most relevant to each young person, we first encourage them to identify with one of five broad tribes: Customer Champion, Strategy Ace, People Maestro, Solutions Pro and Tech Marvel. These correspond to career paths at Lloyds Banking Group, but also to a wide range of other careers.

The hub contains a range of blogs, quizzes, interactive sessions and articles to help 15 – 24 year olds think about who they are, what they value, discover their strengths and interests and connect these with the sort of roles that they will flourish in.

In addition to this we appreciate the important role that parents, guardians and teachers play in helping young people make these crucial decisions.  Guidance and downloadable tools are available on the site for guardians and teachers to help young people with these choices too.

Each month we will focus on a certain theme that links in with the school/university/ working year as well as general content. The themes that we will focus on throughout 2016 are below:





Money Money Money


Work Experience








Being Employable


Assessments Centers and Interviews


Results, Next Steps and Exploring Options




Inclusion & Diversity


Doing What Matters


UCAS and Recruitment Advice

Discover What Matters is about developing young people and helping them with their career and life choices.  However, if you do want direct access to information on Lloyds Banking Group careers, please visit www.lloydsbankinggrouptalent.com 

We hope you enjoy the journey.


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